As your privacy is utmost important to us at ObjectSol Technologies, that’s why we have built this Privacy Policy page for you. This page encompasses the list of rules by which we collect, maintain & disclose information which we collect from users of the ObjectSol website. This privacy policy is not only for the site but also for all the products & services of ObjectSol Technologies.

Information on Personal Identification

It is declared that ObjectSol Technologies can collect personal information from their valuable users in a number of different ways. The ways through which we can collect that information are:

1. When any user visits our website through any web browsers.

2. When the user fills out a form in our website after visiting it.

3. When a user takes part in any activity or avails any services which are available on our site.

When a user visits our site, then they may be asked about their personal details like name, phone number, email address, contact address, etc. If by chance the user enters that information then they must understand that ObjectSol can store them for its personal use. Although users may refuse to provide their personal identification information they must know that their refusal of providing information will result in not engaging in site related activities.

About the Non-Personal Identification Information

Objectsol Technologies has the right to collect non-personal identification information of the users when they contact with ObjectSol. By non-personal information, we indicate the name of the browser through which the user visited your site, the operating system he/she used & the information about the internet service providers, etc.

About The Cookies Stored in Web Browsers

To make the “user experience” more smooth & more advanced, our site may use the “Cookies” stored in the browsers when the user uses them. When a user’s visit any site in the browser then the information about the user’s behavior is stored in the user’s hard drive. They must be aware that we use those cookies to know about the behavior & activity of them. We have given an option to the users to whether accept or reject the action of cookies while browsing. If they reject the action of cookies then although they can surf the site some portions of the site may not work properly.

Disclosure Information

ObjectSol Technologies has a very stringent policy to not disclose any form of user information to any third party. But if any Government official or any court order force us to disclose the information then we will be forced to disclose the information to the investigating agency or individual. In those circumstances, ObjectSol Technologies will have to obey the Court order or the respective Government Official.

Right To Protection of Personal Information

Objectsol Technologies takes a great precaution to protect & keep secure our client's information. But if the user leaves our website & visits any other site then it is possible that any third party agency can acquire their personal information. The users must be aware of the privacy policy of those sites to know about their working with the user’s personal information.

Regarding International Users

ObjectSol Technologies always obeys the United States “Safe Harbor” framework of the Department of Commerce w.r.t the information of international users. If you have any objection, doubts or anything related to our Privacy Policy then contact ObjectSol Technologies without any hesitation.

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