Development & Deployment of CCBT (Computer based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Platform

Development & Deployment of CCBT (Computer based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Platform

Client Testimonial

"Working with ObjectSol Technologies on the development and deployment of our CCBT health platform was an absolute pleasure. Their team was incredibly responsive, always exceeding expectations with their expertise and clear communication. They truly became an extension of our own team, understanding our vision and translating it into a user-friendly and effective platform "

Business Challenges

  • Increasing demand for mental health services creates strain on traditional therapy resources.
  • Limited access to therapists, especially in remote areas, hinders timely interventions.
  • Stigma surrounding mental health can prevent individuals from seeking help.

Implementation Process

  • Collaborated with mental health professionals to design a comprehensive CCBT curriculum.
  • Developed a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform for user data protection.
  • Integrated interactive elements, educational resources, and progress tracking tools.
  • Conducted rigorous testing and refinement based on user feedback.


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Personalized therapy modules tailored to individual needs and goals.

Interactive exercises and activities to reinforce CBT techniques.

Educational resources and psychoeducational content for self-management.

Secure messaging system for optional therapist support.

Progress tracking and reporting tools to monitor user improvement.


Increased access to mental health services for a wider population.

Improved mental health outcomes through effective CCBT interventions.

Reduced stigma by providing a safe and confidential therapy platform.

Scalable solution to address the growing demand for mental healthcare.

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