Development & Deployment of No-Code AI/ML Platform

Development & Deployment of No-Code AI/ML Platform

A leading Marketing Agency identified the market gap of companies struggling to manually analyze vast amounts of customer data to personalize marketing campaigns and optimize product recommendations. This time-consuming process limited the ability to react quickly to customer trends and preferences. They wanted to come up with a product which can automate data analysis from heterogeneous data sources and can provide easy-to-understand actionable insights in seconds. ObjectSol Technologies was onboarded as the technical partner to develop and deliver the project.

Client Testimonial

"ObjectSol's team not only understood our technical needs but also took the time to explain the process in a way that made sense for our non-technical team. The platform they built is user-friendly, powerful, and has already helped us streamline our operations. "


  • Develop a user-friendly, no-code AI/ML platform for business users with minimal technical expertise.
  • Enable efficient data analysis and generation of actionable insights for personalized marketing efforts.
  • Improve customer engagement and conversion rates through data-driven product recommendations.

Implementation Process

  • Collaborated with client stakeholders to understand specific needs and data availability.
  • Developing a no-code AI/ML platform based on scalability and desired functionalities.
  • Integrated the platform with client's existing CRM and marketing automation systems.
  • Developed pre-built AI models for customer segmentation and product recommendation.
  • Provided comprehensive training and support for business users on platform utilization.


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Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for building and deploying AI workflows.

Pre-built AI components for common marketing use cases like customer segmentation and churn prediction.

Seamless data integration with various business applications and marketing sources.

Real-time data visualization and insightful reporting dashboards.


Empowered business users to independently build and manage AI-powered marketing campaigns.

Achieved a significant reduction in time spent on manual data analysis.

Increased marketing campaign personalization and improved customer engagement.

Boosted product recommendation accuracy, leading to a rise in average order value.

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